Look Sophisticated with Ripped Denim Cutoffs 

Good afternoon!

My go-to outfits when I am not dressing up for work always consist of comfortable workout clothing. I almost always reach for my lulu-lemon leggings with a t-shirt or light zip-up.

Don’t get me wrong - I love to dress up. But I will choose a pair of leggings over jeans any day! 

A huge fashion staple for many fashionistas is a pair of ripped denim cut offs. These pants intimidated me at first with their edgy style that I am not quite used to. I was worried that they might make me look like I am trying too hard or perhaps look too dressed down when I wear them.

With a few tweaks to my outfit and knowing what exactly to pair my ripped denim with, I think I nailed how to rock them. By adding a few accessories, key pieces and the right pair of shoes, I am able to make my outfit still look like a sophisticated professional.

Here are some of my favourite tips on how to look pulled together in ripped jeans:

1. Wear your jeans with an embellished top.
2. A classic, well-fitted white v-neck T-shirt.
3. Dress up your look with a long trench coat or blazer
4. Pair your jeans with a leather belt or a structured bag.
5. Pair your jeans with a pair of sophisticated heels, pointed toe shoes or leather boots.
6. Accessorize with a statement necklace or chunky watch.
7. Tuck in a preppy button up blouse.
8. One word: lipstick.
9. Use a scarf to dress up an outfit.
10. Wear a turtleneck.

These tips of advice can help you take a pair of dressed-down jeans to sleek and sophisticated. Just a few accent pieces can completely change an outfit.