They really do share GOODVIBES

Good day everyone! I had an extremely busy weekend that consisted of food, alcohol and more food.  It was my boyfriend’s birthday & one of my dearest friend’s from home as well.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling less than my best … My stomach was extremely sore & bloated from all the processed foods I ingested over the past few days that I am not used to eating.

So, to give my stomach a rest and a bit of a rejuvenating cleanse, I headed to one of my new favourite spots in Downtown Kitchener.  
Goodvibes Juice Co. 

This spot just opened in January of 2016 & the hype around their grand opening was crazy. Personally I was SO excited to have another healthy option close by me.

Aside from their bright smiles, welcoming words and energetic presence, their juice & foods are extraordinary. 

Their slogan states "cold-pressed juice for a balanced life". They truly believe that the key to a happy and successful life is by incorporating balance - whether it’s balancing your food choices or your exercise patterns. They believe nutrition is key and they supply an assortment of juices, kombucha, booster shots, snacks, salads, breakfasts & goodies.

There juices are cold-pressed, which means that vitamins and enzymes are not lost during the juicing process. This is the best way to press juice.

My absolute favourites are the heartbeat, tiger & sunkiss.

Just the other day I had the chance to try their Kombucha, which they make in-house. I tried the pineapple ginger and Taylor tried the sour cherry. Hands down, most delicious tasting Kombucha (sorry GTs) I have tried. It is the perfect blend between tart and sweet. It is so refreshing. I definitely recommend!

If you live around the Kitchener area or are planning to visit, check them out at 336 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1B7.

On a side note, their social media platforms are awesome! Great photos & information. Top-notch execution!

Check out their  Instagram page.