I wanted to share a helpful post with you all, especially those of you who own a dog and enjoy treating him/her to something delicious.

Cooper absolutely loves people food. Like most dogs, he would choose a piece of chicken over kibble any day.

Cooper’s diet incorporates both kibble & a raw diet. I always make sure his bowl is kept full of dry kibble so he can eat whenever he gets hungry. About every other day I will feed him a serving of human approved food to give him extra nutrients and minerals that kibble may not provide him with. For instance, I try and give Cooper a spoonful of pumpkin every few days. It keeps his bowel movements regular and provides him with fiber and beta-carotene. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the pumpkin, because if you give them too much it can be toxic. A few teaspoons a day is a good amount.

Cooper currently eats Acana Ranchlands and he loves it. I try and stay away from any fish in the ingredients simply because it made his breath smell. When I swapped out the kibble that had fish to the kibble that had more meat, the scent went away! (phew).

I keep a list on the side of my fridge called “Puppy approved foods”. This list serves myself, and anyone visiting a reminder of what Cooper can and cannot eat. While some people food provides animals with health benefits, others can be extremely harmful and/or toxic to their systems.


Here is a list of dog friendly human foods & I will also share some foods your dog should avoid.

A P P R O V E D 

Peanut butter


Cheese (a great treat but make sure your dog is not lactose-intolerant)

Yogurt (avoid yogurt with added sugar or artificial sweeteners)


Salmon (make sure it is cooked)





Green beans


A V O I D 

Cooked bones


Chocolate (white, milk & dark)






Candy (some are sweetened with xylitol which can cause blood sugar levels to drop & liver failure)


Salt / Salty snack food

Plums / Peaches / Persimmons

Coffee / Caffeine

Raw fish



Foods your dog should & should not eat