AVO-good Day! 

My Avocado & Coconut Green Smoothie


Hey everyone! Is anyone especially thirsty today?


Keeping the body hydrated is essential to thrive at its greatest capacity. Whether its after a workout or after a night of a few adult beverages, rehydrating is essential for the organs to function at their best. After all, our bodies are 60-70 per cent water.

The key ingredient to my avo-good day smoothie is coconut water. Full of electrolytes, coconut water is nature’s Gatorade. It is also full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Next time you reach for a Gatorade, grab some coconut water instead!

I hope you enjoy this delicious (& refreshing) green smoothie!

I N G R E D I E N T S:

  ½ an avocado.
 1 cup of coconut water.
 1 cup of ice.
 Handful of spinach.
 Handful of kale.
 Vanilla protein powder (I use Vega).
 Tbsp of hemp hearts.
 Tbsp of flax seeds.
 ½ a banana


D I R E C T I O N S:

1. In a blender, combine the avocado, coconut water, ice, spinach, kale and protein powder & blend until smooth.

2.  Chop up banana into slices.

3.  Poor liquid into a cup & top with hemp hearts, flax seeds, banana slices & cinnamon.

T I P S:

  • You can top the smoothie with whatever your heart desires. Coconut flakes taste great & accent the coconut water nicely!