Alcohol + sweets? No problem!

I am going to give you the advice I would lend to a friend.

When I try a new product for the first time, I always do so with an open mind. I love trying new products, comparing products and finding new things that benefit my body.
My advice right off the bat; do not be discouraged by the black colour.

Yes - it is black and it does not dissolve. This black liquid might discourage you. But I can assure you; the dark colour is no indication of the power and benefits this powder holds. Trust me.

Like many people, I love my wine and chocolate. I indulge in sweets every once in a while, because balance.

The only downsides I experience after a night of drinking and eating foods I don’t typically incorporate in my diet (processed, alcohol, refined sugars, sodium, etc.), is I wake up the next morning and feel horrible. 

By horrible, I mean I wake up with a mouth as dry as the dessert, puffy cheeks and the typical feelings of a hangover. Totally sluggish and I need water. STAT.


I picked up activated charcoal from CBRN the day I was planning to have a fun date night with my boyfriend. He agreed that before bed we would have a glass of activated charcoal (I love that he is open to trying new things!).

We each mixed a tablespoon of the charcoal into a glass of water. I put a splash of lemon juice in mine. After stirring it up, the liquid was a dark and a somewhat intimidating colour. But when we did a cheers and took the first few gulps, there was no taste. None whatsoever, just the lemon. It was actually quite refreshing.


The next morning, I woke up with no dry mouth. That’s the first thing I notice after a night of drinking. Once I rolled out of bed and started my morning, I felt more awake than I typically do after I indulged in a few “treats” the night before. I didn’t feel the need to crawl back into bed with a bottle of water and binge watch The Hills. I was up, awake, and to my pleasant surprise, not swollen.

My boyfriend experienced the same thing. We were shocked that after one try we noticed a difference.

So, my final piece of advice? Try it. I have used it a few times now and I can honestly say I notice a difference.

If the dark colour scares you - try mixing it in a coloured shaker cup. That’s what I did, and I actually brought it to work to sip on and no one questioned me.

I am excited to have found another product I love. The fact that it is sustainably sourced, 100% renewable, never activated with chemicals and safe for internal ingestion makes me confident in my decision. It has been used for years to absorb unwanted toxins in the skin, detoxify and purify the body, absorb alcohol, bacteria and viruses, white teeth and reduce body odor.


Try it - you’re going to love it!