Hello & welcome to my website,

Food, recipe creation and food photography have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. Some of my fondest childhood memories were made in front of my easy-bake-oven trying to mix up something delicious. When I eventually upgraded to a real kitchen (thank goodness, because what was that powdery easy-bake substance, anyways?), cooking became my favourite thing to do. When I purchased my first camera, my love of food and photography were married.  

I have learned to love food and appreciate what ingredients can offer the body on every level - from our senses to how it makes our bodies feel.  I dedicate a majority of my free time to learning and educating myself on health and wellness as a way to serve my mind, body and soul. 

My corporate job has given me the opportunity to work for multiple fresh food brands as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager.  I work on all things content creation, communications, and digital marketing strategy. 

I am passionate about cooking with wholesome ingredients, traveling, social media and staying active. I spent a great deal of time in yoga studios and the gym.  Some may also call me a tea-addict. 

Stay a while as I share with you my thoughts, (some) of my recipes and food photography while learning to balance it all and live happily.